A Virus Named TOM

A Virus Named TOM

Help the vengeful Dr. X spread the virus TOM across a futuristic city

A Virus Named TOM is a game for PCs that runs on the Steam platform. View full description


  • Great storyline
  • Variety of challenges and enemies
  • Fun graphics


  • Can get a little repetitive

Very good

A Virus Named TOM is a game for PCs that runs on the Steam platform.

As far as back stories go, A Virus Named TOM has a fun one. The city that Dr. X lives in is next to perfect. He's helped invent products that make traffic a thing of the past, as well as a lot of other cool inventions. Unfortunately, Dr. X is pretty irritated because he's just been fired by a giant corporation. Now he's created a virus to get back at the people who put him out of work.

A Virus Named TOM is a hybrid action/puzzle game that has a very retro 1960s feel to it. Dr. X's goal is to contaminate each electronic device in the city with TOM, the virus he created. It's your job to help Dr. X solve puzzles in the game to help spread his virus.

Solving the puzzles in A Virus Named TOM requires a great deal of reasoning skills. Plus you'll have to avoid enemies like spiders and electronic vigilantes who are trying to thwart your attempts at spreading TOM around.

A nice feature of A Virus Named TOM is that you can play online matches with up to four friends. The first few levels are easy to master, but the game quickly gets more challenging as you progress.

A Virus Named TOM is a fun take on a hi-tech puzzle game that most users will find to be an interesting challenge.

A Virus Named TOM


A Virus Named TOM